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After six years of hard core electronic design and advanced image procesing, it seemed quite difficult to face the challenge of studying cell physiology. I started off, rather intimidated by the subject and its contents and extremely anxious as to how I could cope up with this ‘new’ field. But soon it did not seem so hard. After all, it was just the state of the art information, no complex theories or the standard mathematical proofs and yet everything I have learnt till today in this class is perfectly ‘engineered’. The more I understand about the mechanisms for DNA replication, and protein synthesis, the more amazed I am at our cellular engineers. Everything seems so perfect that I feel nothing can get better than this. You have a trigger for every process, a control mechanism, a feedback system, repair, an emergency stop,and a systematic termination. Each cellular process seem to occur in an assembly line one step after another in a pre-decided order. I am intrigued by how we use all the ‘engineering’ terms to describe these perfect cellular factories and in general, any biological event. For example, some Mr.X works like a machine, the brain is like a computer, cell builds proteins, DNA ligase stitches Okazakis and yet I cannot imagine the opposite: The computer is brainy! My tailor ligates clothes! It makes me think that biology can be easily visualised and the processes easily simplified by an engineer’s mind and not the other way around but we could end up finding the solutions of all engineering problems in biology.