Inter-collegiate shuttle

Posted: October 31, 2005 in Personal

I wait for my shuttle to Georgia Institute of Technology almost every day. School is just about 10 miles away but it takes me exactly an hour and 27 minutes to reach. I wonder whether I should read a book or call a friend as I sometimes do. I look at my watch; the minute hand seems to make an effort to lift itself. I do neither. The time is perfect for the view, the campus and the route have to offer. Trees on the campus have changed color but here, the trees are still green. Fall has arrived and darkness has set in a little before 30 minutes past 5. Pale yellow light floods the sidewalk of the Emory University Hospital as I board the bus. As we leave the campus, I look at the Atlanta skyline; now a black silhouette against the fiery orange sky. The torch light atop the Sun Trust tower pierces the wispy clouds. The sight sends a wave of exhilaration through me. I take this route so frequently but today, the view was breath-taking. As we enter the quiet residential areas of Piedmont Park, orange pumpkin heads and witches look back at me. The houses which looked so pretty in the bright sunshine a couple of weeks back, now look spooky in the dark. I do not know why but today even the lights in the shuttle were not switched on. A sudden glare of light enters through my window. I immediately feel the presence of the crowd and the busy shops in the downtown area and realize that I am close to my destination. The shuttle turns onto Fowler Street and enters the campus. I make the same journey everyday. I take the same route everyday. My eyes meet a different sight everyday. Today’s is the most vivid.

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